Aerial Yoga of Alaska

Aerial Yoga of Alaska

Aerial Yoga of Alaska opened its doors in The Artisan’s Courtyard studios in 2013 and we can’t be more pleased.

Aerial yoga is a fun and exciting new type of exercise to burn calories, build strength as well as relax and stretch by using your own weight. Looking for an exciting new fitness routine? Try something completely unique and different: aerial yoga! Aerial yoga is practicing yoga poses, as well as acrobatic movements while you’re suspended in the air. It helps open up your spine and back to reduce stress and tension while giving you a great muscle-toning and strength-building workout.

Bring your sense of fun and adventure to our fabulous classes! We’ll challenge body, mind and spirit. Overcome fears, master new skills, get some great bruises to show off to your friends! No experience necessary.

Classes begin with a brief cardio warmup followed by stretching and strengthening on the ground and in the air while focusing on core and upper body. Shelly has been instructing and performing aerial arts for over 6 years and is excited to meet you!

You can find more information on classes, instructors and contact on Aerial Yoga of Alaska’s Facebook page or contact Shelly at 907-378-3240.